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    Andrew Shader is a real estate developer and investor specializing in value-added properties that require corrective action to reach their full market potential. After getting his Bachelor of Science in Business, Management, and Marketing from Florida State University, he got a job at a Health Insurance agency. Mr. Shader began by marketing insurance via phone sales but quickly worked his way up. Moving around the company, he mastered the fundamentals of management, training, technology, and accounting. Then, he left his job to start an insurance business with his brother Corey Shader where he developed his niche in finding the scalability within any vertical.

    The duo got into real estate in 2016 and started building a solid portfolio for the future. As investors, they buy properties not for what they are but what they can be. The model has increased the value by 60% without relying on future appreciation. Andrew is most passionate about scouting value-added properties that require foresight into future potential. While his goals are long term, having the innovation, foresight, and ability to execute today are what drives his ability to separate himself from other developers who can only sit and wait for the appreciation of the future.

    Mr. Shader’s broad range of skills and expertise include leadership, management, financial forecasting, budget analysis, and strategic planning. He learned most of what he knows by first-hand experience and is self-taught. He has held numerous positions, ranging from Office Manager to CFO in multiple companies.

    Outside of work, Andrew enjoys reading, socializing, and playing competitive sports.

  • A Specialist in Value-Added Properties

    Real Estate Scouting

    When it comes to real estate, Mr. Shader specializes in finding raw potential. One of his greatest skills consists in being able to pick out the rough gems — future homes just waiting to shine — and then applying his skills to bring out their true value.

    Property Development

    Once he identifies his target properties, Andrew works to improve their worth. In many cases, Mr. Shader can increase the property value by as much as 60 percent! It's all about knowing what parts of the house can bring out the most value.

    Long-Term Investment

    After increasing the value of his properties, Andrew incorporates them into his portfolio. Maintaining dozens of properties is no simple task. It requires long-term planning and foresight — but with the right mindset, anyone can do it.

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